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店名: Honest Burger
Price 價錢:  ££   (食物+飲料一個人平均花費約在£15以下)
Time 營業時間:  (此為SOHO店的營業時間,其他分店的營業時間不太相同,記得要去它的官網確認一下噢!)
                     Mon to Wed              12:00 – 23:00
                     Thurs to Sat              11:30 – 22:30
                     Sun                            12:00 – 22:00
Official Website 官網: http://www.honestburgers.co.uk
Location 地點:
  Honest Burger 在倫敦總共有九間分店,分別在↓
.Brixton(最早的創始店)                                              SW9 8PR
.SOHO  (我最常去的店)                                             W1F 0EF
.Camden (在有名的肯頓市集那裡)                              NW1 8AF
.Portobello (在有名的波多悖羅路市集那裡)               W11 2ED
.Kings Cross (距國王十字車站走路10分鐘的地方)      N1 9NG   
.Oxford Circus (在著名的牛津街商圈附近)                 W1W 8AD
.Tooting (在倫敦非常南部的郊外)                              SW17 0RN
.Liverpool Street (這家可以打電話訂人晚餐桌)           E1 7HP
.Clapham (這也是在倫敦南部的郊區)                         SW4 0BD
(貼心小提醒: 在英國只要輸入Post Code郵遞區號,也就是你們在上面看到的英數字六碼,就能找到想去的地方,不需要輸入地址噢! 非常方便,真希望台灣也有。

想知道更多關於Honest Burger的故事就點進來看看吧。

Honest Burger是我在倫敦留學期間最喜歡造訪的一間平價又美味的高CP值餐廳。

Honest Burger is one of my favourite place to grab a bite in London.


.Kings Cross 店面 (Reference: http://www.honestburgers.co.uk/locations/)

深綠色底白色字體的招牌代表著兩位創辦人 Tom 和 Phil 的經營理念 – 以在地生產的新鮮食材為客人烹調最新鮮健康的料理。
Tom和 Phil 原本是兩個在倫敦Brixton地區一間餐廳工作的小員工,當時Phil的腦中正好有著創業的點子並尋找合作夥伴,因此遊說了Tom 加入他的行列。新鮮的食材雖然在倫敦的肉市場中不難尋找,Tom和 Phil 卻遭遇了創業途中的第一個困境: 沒有肉攤願意運送高質量的肉進入Brixton地區。Brixton 在五十年前是倫敦惡名昭彰的一區,該區非常的貧窮且治安非常的不好,連計程車司機都不太願意行經此區因為害怕被搶劫。正因為如此,當時 Tom 和 Phil 所找的肉販不願意將肉輸入Brixton,因為當時的肉販覺得「這一區根本沒人需要吃那麼好的肉。」

Forest Green background and white font for the brand logo indicating the two founders’ core concept: local produce, fresh food, i.e. honest food. Tom and Phil were two employees at a restaurant in Brixton. Back then, Phil invited Tom to join his new business project. Every start is the hard part, fresh local meat source were not difficult to find, but the butcher was not willing to provide meat for them. “Brixton doesn’t need that kind of high quality meat." said the butcher. Brixton was a underdeveloped area of urban London, unlike these days, Brixton were filled with poor, junkies and robbery, even cabbie wouldn’t wanted to pass through this notorious district.

Honest Burger's 創始人: Tom & Phil. (Reference: http://www.honestburgers.co.uk/story/)

Honest Burger’s 創始人: Tom & Phil. (Reference: http://www.honestburgers.co.uk/story/)

「我想沒有人在一開始創業的時候就知道自己該怎麼做,我們能做的就是每天每天看著有哪些事物需要調整,然後一天比一天更好。」兩位創始人如此說道。「剛開店的時候我們還徒手一塊一塊地切著薯條呢。」Tom 笑著補充。

儘管當時的肉販不願意將肉品運送至他們的店面,Tom 和 Phil 並沒有因此而氣餒,反而決定每天一大清早就跑去肉市場切取他們當天所需要的肉,在自己運回他們位在Brixton的店。

「我還記得當時我跑去肉舖的時候指著肉向老闆要求我要這一部分的肉和那一層的脂肪,只見老闆訕笑著拍我的肩告訴我: 你才不需要那部份的肉。」Phil 說著這段話的表情,彷彿還能夠深切的感覺到當時肉販的輕視和嘲笑。「然後我堅定的告訴他: 是的,我就是要這些部分。」

“I think no one will know what to do at the beginning, what we could do is to examine everyday and become better everyday." Said Tom and Phil. “We even hand chopped every chips everyday." They laughed.

Because the butcher have declined their demand, Tom and Phil came up with another way to get the meat they need – personally went to the butcher and bring back the meat themselves to their shop in Brixton.

“I still remember the time when I went to the butcher, asking him to cut this part and that layer of fat. And the butcher laughed and pat on my should, said: You don’t need these parts of meat." Phil still can recall the face and feeling while he tried to purchase meat in the meat shop. “And I told him: Yes, I do need those parts."

Soho店店內 (Reference: http://toworkorplay.com/play/playmate/an-honest-burger/)

Honest Burger店店內一景。(Reference: http://toworkorplay.com/play/playmate/an-honest-burger/)


正因為有他們的堅持,原本在Brixton小小的店面開始在倫敦展了許多新的分店,也越來越受人們的歡迎,而我最常去的是位在Soho區的店面。Honest Burger是不接受訂位的(除了Liverpool Street的那間店可以預約私人晚餐席),非常幸運的是我去的那幾次都沒有排到隊,順利的就入座了。噢然後Honest Burger 很貼心的為那些排隊等候的客人著想,在倫敦吃飯常常是一間又一間的餐廳都擠滿著人,令人困擾的是很多餐廳雖然願意讓你登記,卻不一定會在有座位時主動通知,而Honest Burger他們家有自己的排隊追蹤器,讓客人能即時掌握自己排隊的進度,好在桌子差不多準備好的時候時間準準的回到餐廳用餐。

“Until this day, we still striving to get our shops become better and better, that includes calculating…… how much time do we need to assemble a burger, how many people can we serve in an hour….etc. We demand good quality of food and service for our guest." Said Tom and Phil.

Thanks for their insistence on quality, Honest Burger became popular and wide spread in London, they now have 9 restaurants in London.(I often went to the one in Soho while I was study in London, luckily, I never have to wait.) Most of the branch did not offer reservation service, only the branch in Liverpool Street offers private dinner seats reservation. However, in order to help their customer keep track on the queuing process, one can monitor their register waiting number via phone through their queue tracker, and calculate the time when should they return for their seats. (That really convenient if I need to use those waiting time to run some errands….or window shopping, ha.)

<菜單 Menu>

HonestBurgers_Food Menu

HonestBurgers_Drinks Menu
Honest Burger 的菜單非常簡單清楚,漢堡分成三大類: 雞、牛和素食漢堡。
個人私心偏愛招牌 Honest Burger: 煎得恰到好處的肉排保留了肉汁的鮮甜,同時穠纖合度的脂肪讓肉排不至於過度乾澀;間的焦香酥脆的培根增添了漢堡的香氣和口感;而漢堡夾層中的必需品酸黃瓜和Cheese則中和了肉的油膩;最妙的是它們家的漢堡中還比別家漢堡多了一個讓我喜愛到不行的一個佐料 — 甜甜的切碎醃漬紅洋蔥,這一個特殊佐料大大的平衡了漢堡的油膩和鹹味,讓人吃完餘韻猶存,忍不住還想再吃一個。另外附餐的薯條也是我目前吃過最滿意的薯條,一同前往的朋友們也是每一個都吃得意猶未盡,他們家的薯條有香料調味過,所以除了薯條本身該有的鹹味之外,又多了一絲香料的鹹香味。飲料的話,朋友們總是選擇與漢堡的經典組合: 可樂。不過想省荷包的朋友們可以選擇Pure Sparkling Water或Pure Still Water,也就是一大瓶的蘇打水或是玻璃瓶裝水,這兩個都只需要£1,最棒的是可以無限續加噢! (但根據我的經驗,吃完漢堡薯條就已經非常非常的飽了,根本沒有胃再續加開水)。

Well, I believe theres not much for me to say about their menu, clear and simple. My favourite burger is obviously Honest Burger. Juicy steak with crunchy lettuce, sliced pickles provide proper acidity to the flavour, crispy bacon adds additional chewy texture to the whole, and, yes, there is furthermore which make this burger extraordinary – red onion relish, a little bit sweetness that perfectly balanced the whole flavour and fatness of the burger. (Gees my mouth is watering right now.) And the chips are gorgeous as well, seasoned perfectly which add extra fragrance, making one non-stop eating. If you would like to have something to drink, the classic combination would be coke and burger, but if you wished to save some money, Pure Still Water or Pure Sparkling Water will do as well, and you can refill it unlimited, and yep, they are only £1.(But in my experience, after a big generous burger and chips, one’s stomach will definitely no space left.)

No doubt this is the best burger I had with this satisfying price, well, especially for students.
Cheap but good quality, simple as that.

<店內環境 Interior>

Honest Burger 店內一景。 (Reference: http://toworkorplay.com/play/playmate/an-honest-burger/)

Honest Burger 店內一景。 (Reference: http://toworkorplay.com/play/playmate/an-honest-burger/)

然後Honest Burger家的廚房幾乎都是半開放式的,我很喜歡這種看得到廚師在忙什麼的吧檯式廚房,偶爾沒那麼忙的時候還可以跟廚師小聊幾句。有時身為自由的學生,就可以在一些非用餐時間去店內坐坐,比較不喜歡擁擠的朋友也可以找這些非用餐時間去做做,加上英國這裡的餐廳多半不會因為你坐太久而趕人(至少我沒遇過,只有在柯芬園的ShakeShack被一個店員趕走,感覺實在不是很好),所以通常只要沒有很多客人在等,你和朋友都可以在店內聊天聊到你們開心為止。

I adore this kind of bar design, cause you can see what those chefs are doing and can even chat a bit with them while they’re resting. As a student, I’m free to go to the restaurant in non-rushing hour, less squeezing, more space and relaxation.

Honest Burger 店內一景。 (Reference: http://toworkorplay.com/play/playmate/an-honest-burger/)

Honest Burger 店內一景。 (Reference: http://toworkorplay.com/play/playmate/an-honest-burger/)

下次想在倫敦找便宜好吃又氣氛佳的餐廳,記得還有Honest Burger這個用心為顧客著想的小店可以去坐坐噢! 😉

Next time if you are urge for a decent place with a good bargain to eat, Honest Burger would be definitely a nice place worth for a visit. 😉

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